YCS Rio de Janeiro: Top 16

YCS Rio de Janeiro: Top 16

November 13th, 2016

Here is the Top 16 of YCS Rio de Janeiro:

Rank Full Name Points
1 Perez Herrera, Hector Lorenzo from Chile (ABC) 25
2 Rinaldi Petroni, Joaquin from Argentina (Metalfoes) 25
3 Osores, Jose Anthony Bren from Peru (Metalfoes) 24
4 De Lima Jr., Ivan Ferreira from Brazil (Paleozoic) 24
5 Saula de Moares, Felipe from Brazil (ABC) 22
6 Iadicicco, Demian Anibal Nicolas from Argentina (ABC) 22
7 Macedo e Souza, Jonathan from Brazil (ABC) 22
8 Bretas, Felipe de Silva from Brazil (ABC) 22
9 De Obaldia Soza, Galileo Mauricio from Panama (ABC) 22
10 De Castro Ramos, Joao Lucio from Brazil (ABC) 22
11 De Almeida, Bruno Raphael from Brazil (ABC) 22
12 Nakagawa, Lucas Kenzou from Brazil (Blue Eyes) 21
13 De Araujo Freitas, Carlos Henrique from Brazil (ABC) 21
14 Courrege, Andre Adam from Brazil (Metalfoes) 21
15 Santos Martins, Murilo from Brazil (ABC) 21
16 De Silveire Azevedo, Ruan Everton from Brazil (Metalfoes) 21

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