YCS Rio de Janeiro: Pairings for Top 8

YCS Rio de Janeiro: Pairings for Top 8

November 13th, 2016

Here are the pairings for Top 8:

Table 1

De Obaldia Soza, Galileo Mauricio from Panama (ABC) vs Perez Herrera, Hector Lorenzo from Chile (ABC)


Table 2

Nakagawa, Lucas Kenzou from Brazil (Blue Eyes) vs De Araujo Freitas, Carlos Henrique from Brazil (ABC)


Table 3

Rinaldi Petroni, Joaquin from Argentina (Metalfoes) vs De Castro Ramos, Joao Lucio from Brazil (ABC)


Table 4

Iadicicco, Demian Anibal Nicolas from Argentina (ABC) vs Courrege, Andre Adam from Brazil (Metalfoes)

IMG_1403 (1)

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