Looking Ahead: New Metalfoes

Metalfoes have had quite a dominating performance thus far. Taking down a UDS Invitational and two YCS tournaments since their release, the strategy has a lot of inherent traits that synergize with Pendulums. Destroying your own cards to search more cards is solid, but as we saw with Performapal Pendulum Sorcerer, when you’re destroying Pendulums to get more cards it can get downright unfair. Instead of making 1-for-1 trades, you fill your Extra Deck while searching card for free, setting you up for huge Pendulum Summons and getting more stuff in the process. Filling your Extra Deck with Pendulums as you Fusion Summon is a great way to set up Pendulum Summons to.

raremetalfoesbismugear-inov-en-c-1eMetalfoes get a ton of awesome stuff from Invasion: Vengeance, and I think they can definitely compete with ABC-Dragon Buster. The ABC deck is super consistent, and it snowballs momentum faster than any other strategy, usually setting up for a win on Turn 2. While Metalfoes may not be at that exact level, the deck definitely has enough high-powered cards to be a threat. The biggest issue for Metalfoes is that they’re just harder to play than ABC’s. It’s much easier to recite the alphabet and plop ABC – Dragon Buster onto the field than it is to construct a complicated chain of Pendulum Effects that set up Fusion and Synchro Summons followed by huge Pendulum Summons. But on the upside, you’re going to be rewarded if you’re willing to put the time in with Metalfoes.

The new cards from Invasion: Vengeance give Metalfoes a completely new dimension to work with. We might as well start with the Main Deck, as Raremetalfoes Bismugear is the first and only Metalfoes Pendulum Effect Monster. Sort of like the love child of Performage Plushfire and XX-Saber Dark Soul, you can search your deck for a a Metalfoes monster during the End Phase when Raremetalfoes Bismugear is destroyed and sent to the graveyard.

Anything that searches more stuff is going to be powerful, especially when your deck’s filled with enablers that can trigger that kind of ability – in this case your staple Metalfoes destruction tricks. Raremetalfoes Bismugear has the same Pendulum Effect as the rest of the Metalfoes, so you can play it and destroy whatever you want to search a Metalfoes spell or trap card, then use another Metalfoes to destroy Bismugear in turn and get another card, then cash in Bismugear’s search in the End Phase.

While Raremetalfoes Bismugear is substantially weaker than it could be, since you won’t get to use whatever you searched in the same turn you fetch it, that free End Phase search can combo well with some of the other stuff from Invasion: Vengeance.

Metalfoes Fusion was key to the Metalfoes strategy these past few months, letting you Fusion Summon to both fill your Extra Deck with Pendulums, and set up huge Synchro Summons like Ultimaya Tzolkin thanks to Metalfoes Adamante. You can recycle Metalfoes Fusion immediately after you play it to draw a card, so you’re always in the black and you can always get to your one copy of the Fusion Spell again whenever you need it. But much like how El Shaddoll Fusion changed the face of the Shaddoll deck, Fullmetalfoes Fusion is going to shake things up for Metalfoes.

fullmetalfoesfusion-inov-en-sr-1eFullmetalfoes Fusion is one Spell Speed higher than its predecessor. And if you’ve ever been OTK’d by Shaddolls, you know that an El Shaddoll Fusion in the Battle Phase would deal as much damage as whatever the strongest Fusion Monster was in your opponent’s Extra Deck. Similarly, Fullmetalfoes Fusion raises your potential damage cap by letting you capitalize on whatever opening you can make, even during the Battle Phase, by slamming down another attacker.

That said, Fullmetalfoes Fusion can do even more for you. Quickplay Spells can effectively act as trap cards if they cause disruption to your opponent, much like we saw with El Shaddoll Winda. And along with the new Fusion Spell, Metalfoes also get a couple of sweet Fusion Monsters that really bring their power level up even further. The first one is exactly what you want to summon with Fullmetalfoes Fusion on your opponent’s turn: Fullmetalfoes Alkahest.

You’ll need a Metalfoes and a Normal Monster to Fusion Summon Alkahest, so you’ll usually use any two Metalfoes. Raremetalfoes Bismugear conveniently searches one of the required materials for you, so the Fusion Summons really easy. Fullmetalfoes Alkahest is the best disruption that Metalfoes could ask for, doing a pretty good impression of Thousand-Eyes Restrict and sucking up any Effect Monster your opponent controls once a turn, on their own turn. And while it doesn’t have any of TER’s other effects, taking away an opponent’s monster is crazy powerful. It has low stats but it gains the ATK of whatever it sucks up as DEF, hopefully helping it stick around.

If Fullmetalfoes Alkahest manages to survive until your turn, you can use whatever you took from your opponent as a Fusion Material for a Metalfoes Fusion Summon! From there you can use Fullmetalfoes Alkahest’s effect again during your opponent’s turn, continuing the disruption if you can’t win the game immediately instead.

Another One
fullmetalfoesalkahest-inov-en-scr-1eFullmetalfoes Alkahest isn’t the only new Fusion Monster that Metalfoes got from Invasion: Vengeance. Metalfoes Mithrilium might even be better than the mighty Alkahest.
Metalfoes Mithrilium has a unique effect, recycling two Metalfoes cards from your graveyard back to the deck to bounce anything on the field once per turn. Anytime you slap removal onto a monster that was already a threat to begin with you’re in the money, and Mithrilium has 2600 ATK – definitely enough damage to make it worthwhile. Bouncing stuff away is awesome, because lots of monsters have graveyard effects.

Recycling your cards is super important in Metalfoes; if you can recycle a used card back to your deck, you can play just one copy of cards that you wouldn’t otherwise (you can just keep shuffling them back). Fullmetalfoes Fusion doesn’t have the recycle effect of Metalfoes Fusion, but you can still get away with just one copy because you can keep shuffling it back; the same goes for both Metalfoes Combination and Metalfoes Counter as well.

Speaking of Fullmetalfoes Fusion, one of Mithrilium’ biggest strengths is that it gets you to that Fullmetalfoes Fusion immediately after setting it with another Metalfoes. It makes the most of your Fusion Summons, meaning either a huge field or big damage. You can also use Mithrilium’s effect to bounce back your Pendulum Scales, reusing all of your Metalfoes as well as powerful Pendulum Effects like Luster Pendulum, the Dracoslayer.

If that wasn’t enough, Metalfoes Mithrilium has another ability: whenever it’s sent from the field to the graveyard, you can Special Summon a Metalfoes Pendulum Monster from your grave or Extra Deck! That opens up a ton of options once you’ve used its effect to extend your. Fusion Summoning’s the most obvious, since you can use Mithrilium to bounce an opposing threat and then fuse it away for whatever Metalfoes Fusion Monster you want and get back a Metalfoes Pendulum in the process.

metalfoesmithrilium-inov-en-ur-1eThat can open up huge damage by effectively taking whatever bad Fusion Material you have alongside Mithrilium, and replacing them both with a new Metalfoes Pendulum Monster plus whatever Metalfoes Fusion you can manage. In addition, disrupting your opponent’s field and then fusing away Mithrilium for something else can effectively cheat an Xyz Material, the Pendulum Monster, into play. That’s huge. It lets you clear big fields pretty easily, and you still wind up with a bunch of monsters for your followup.

With all of the new cards, Metalfoes are going to play a bit differently moving forward. I think the strategy will be much less focused on traps, since both Fullmetalfoes Alakahest and Ultimaya Tzolkin give you ways to interact on your opponent’s turn, and they don’t require you to fill your deck with real trap cards. That means you can make your deck as proactive as possible and really pack it with combo pieces, because whenever you go off, your monsters should be enough to disrupt your opponent. That makes going second much better, as drawing traps is obviously worse than a hand full of proactive cards when you’re on the draw.

Do you think Metalfoes are strong enough with Invasion: Vengeance to beat ABC-Dragon Buster? I think it’s close, with ABC still retaining an edge, but how about you.

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