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Hi everybody! Long time no see.

In my long absence, it seems that Magic has now cards with Meld or as I like to call them: Fusion Cards! Although they’re not equal to the fusion summons in Yu-Gi-Oh! they’re quite similar. First, you need two specific cards on the battlefield and then trigger the ability that let you fuse them into a bigger threat for your opponents.
Simple? Yes.
Does it work? That’s what we’re here to find out.

chittering-hostChittering Host
Recipe: Graf Rats + Midnight Scavengers
The weakest of the three fusions, that can be a finisher once it enters the battlefield, but that’s where the problem is. Graf Rats is a 2/1 vanilla card that costs 2 and Midnight Scavengers is just a weaker version of Gravedigger. Adding it all together, you can return a creature with a CMC of 3 or less to your hand, get a 5/6 creature with Haste and Menace, that pumps all your other creatures, for a total of 7 manas, which it’s good for a common card, however, if you lose one of the materials before the combat step, you end up with one weak creature that can’t do anything on its own.
Playability: Unplayable. Chittering Host might have a great effect for 7 mana, but it’s challenging putting it into play, since the quality of our fusion materials is weak. However, it might work in a pauper deck with one or two copies of Midnight Scavengers or in some Standard deck, but I can hardly imagine this as a playable scenario.

hanweirHanweir, the Writhing Township
Recipe: Hanweir Battlements + Hanweir Garrison
I can see this card as the dream of every people who loves the land where they live: becoming one with their home. Hanweir and its inhabitants might be strange, but they are strong and probably it’s the most playable of the 3 fusions from Eldritch Moon. The battlements are a newer and Modern legal version of Flamekin Village, being able to give colorless mana or Haste to any creature and having the upside of entering the battlefield untapped without having the need to reveal an Elemental from your hand. The garrison isn’t a bad either, 3 mana for a 2/3 creature that gives you two extra attackers can be a solid card, especially with Hymns, Lords and other pump effects.
Both of them can act well alone, but together they form an Eldrazi monstrosity that can tear apart your opponents defenses, trading the 2/3 body for a 7/4 with Trample and Haste, capable of surviving Bolts and changing the soldiers for two 3/2 Eldrazi Horrors. However, you have to pay at least 5 manas to make this amazing horror town.
Playability: Playable. You don’t need Hanweir, the Writhing Township on the battlefield to win with a deck that uses both melding materials. Has I said before, both Garrison and Battlements work well alone and don’t need each other to have their place on the battlefield, so I believe that both cards are playable out of the kitchen table.

briselaBrisela, the Voice of Nightmares
Recipe: Gisela, the Broken Blade + Bruna, the Fading Light
Avacyn is dead but her other two “evil” sisters still patrol the skies of Innistrad. Gisela is a strong flyer with a low converted mana cost for the abilities that she is blessed with, meant for striking your opponents life points down, while her sister Bruna is more focused on the defense of your side of the battlefield, giving a strong body and returning another of your fallen Humans or Angels to rise from the grave and fight alongside with her.
Alone they are strong and if you fuse them together, you’ll give birth to an enormous angelic aberration that can protect herself against most single-target removals and that will shatter your opponents hopes of winning the game. However, having both angels at the same time on the battlefield might be problematic, since Gisela is a mid-game card and an obvious target for your opponents to destroy, while Bruna is a late gamer, but there’s no need to worry, since this process can be simplified if you return Gisela from the grave with Bruna’s ability and that way, you don’t need to be concerned with Gisela dying before you have Bruna in play.
Playability: Improbable but playable. Bruna’s converted mana cost makes her unplayable in most formats. On the other side, Gisela is more versatile and a capable fighter in Standard and Modern formats. EDH can be an exception to the rule, where Bruna can be a General or make a good synergy in decks with Kaalia of the Vast.Gisela can be a companion to her sister in this format and probably making EDH the format where you can see Brisela entering the battlefield more often.

In the end, I don’t believe that will see this mechanic in a near future. Meld can be a fun and casual mechanic to play in Magic the Gathering, but right now it can be hard to achieve, taking away the possibilities of Meld being a competitive mechanic. Maybe the trip to Kaladesh brings new cards with similar abilities or synergies to play with Meld, but until then, we’ll have to contempt ourselves with this 3 unique “fusions” released in Eldritch Moon.

Until next time!

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