Cardfight!! Vanguard: My Favorite Artwork by Clan


What is up, everybody? SimplyJeff is back and today I would like to just make a casual post talking about my favorite aspect of Cardfight!! Vanguard; the artwork! The art is what pulled me into the game and is one of the factors that really keeps me so in love in this game. I love all the artwork in CfV almost equally, and making this list was actually quite challenging. Also, I need my art to tell a story, so you’ll see tidbits of lore thrown in as a reasoning for me liking some of the art. Now, as everyone who follows me should know, I am a huge fan of Neo Nectar and my first deck was Musketeers, so it should be no surprise that Neo Nectar will be somewhere on this list, but I am actually capable of talking about clans other than Neo Nectar! Shocking, right? Well, let’s just dive right into to some of the best artwork in CfV! And, away we go!

5. Bermuda Triangle

Planet Idol, Pacifica

And no, it is not because of waifu wars that Bermuda Triangle made it onto this list. One of my favorite stories ever written is The Odyssey by Homer. I used to read a lot more Greek mythology stories than I do now, but no mythology I studied has ever been as interesting to me as the Greek mythos. My favorite story from The Odyssey was the story of Odysseus sailing past the sirens to acquire knowledge (I believe it was knowledge, it’s been awhile since I read the book). Odysseus was essentially tortured on his own boat by a group of gorgeous women singing so beautifully to him that he was driven insane. Now, looking at Bermuda Triangle, they are beautiful mermaids that sing, well they were until they became schoolgirls for some reason. Anyway, this ode to Greek mythology, both in art and in lore, is why Bermuda Triangle made it to this list.

4. Dimension Police

True Ultimate Dimensional Robo, Great Daikaiser

Growing up, I loved Transformers. Something about giant robots beating the evil out of other robots always caught my interest. In my opinion, Dimension Police encompasses this vibe the best. In particular, I’d say the Kaiser build in Dimension Police send me on a nostalgia trip the most. Just look at True Daikaiser to the left there. He looks like Optimus Prime had a love child with the giant mechs from Power Ranger to produce a baby of unparalleled aggro-justice that it could only exist on a metaphysical planet like Planet Cray. Also, DP’s main focuses, retiring guardians and units while swinging with a big Vanguard, really makes them feel like they are a police force to be reckoned with. Now, it is worth noting that, while Nova Grappler’s art is similar to DP, I like DP more because the lore. I find robot policemen more interesting that the mecha battler idea. All these reasons in combination are why DP placed on this list.

3. Nubatama

Shura Stealth Dragon, Kujikiricongo

Nubatama may be seen as some as odd clan to place on this list, since it really does not have a lot of art for it. However, after looking a Kujikiricongo (which was the first Nubatama card I saw), I immediately fell in love with the artwork. First of all, he’s purple, my favorite color. Secondly, he is a kick-butt kind of dragon. After looking at the rest of Nubatama, equal feelings of love were spread to the whole clan. Some of the characters in it, such as Fuuki and Sakurafubuki (the icons for my YouTube channel) I can see being stealthy. They look like spirits that can flicker in and out without a care in the world. But then… then I look at the bosses like Jorurirakan or even Kujikiricongo and…well I just have to laugh. I try to imagine a giant dragon with a bright red face, or purple dragon with a glowing red eye and magical symbols floating around him, tip-toeing through people’s houses and knocking everything over like the worst burglar on Planet Cray. I really love the artwork of this clan, because it instills fear (and humor) into anyone that faces them.

2. Neo Nectar

Arboros Dragon, Sephirot

Okay, I promise I’ll keep this as short as possible. The first article I ever wrote on Cardfight!! Vanguard was on the artwork of Neo Nectar, particularly Musketeers (because I didn’t know much else at the time). My reasoning for loving Neo Nectar so much remains the same. The in-depth lore of certain flowers that inspire the art on the cards, like Vera’s or Asha’s art, really peaks my interests in the clan. Also, I can’t think of another clan whose artwork really is so indicative of what they do. They spam units onto the field. It’s like they plant seeds that then transform into a plant army. Now, this can’t really be a list entry honoring Neo Nectar if I don’t honor their god, Sephirot. By the gods, he is a gorgeous card. His art is full of powerful and bright colors, and I really like the three flowers, which, to me, represent the three other cards of his ride chain. The flower above his head also looks like the Critical Star, and while I’m not sure if that was intentional or not, I think it’s a neat touch. Now, what clan can top such a aesthetically pleasing collection of flower people?

1. Great Nature

Flask Marmoset

That’s right, Cute and Cuddlies takes the prize that is the SimplyJeff Best Art Award, a highly prestigious one, I assure you. On a serious note though, I fell in love with the clan when I saw Flask Marmoset in my school club’s card collection. It was the butt of all of our jokes. We would sneak this card into any game we could, despite the fact that at the time, no one played Great Nature, just because it was so adorable. This card and Failure Scientist, Ponkichi were always sneaking into our guardian circles. Then, I looked up some of the bosses of Great Nature, pre-stride days, and saw Leo-pald. Needless to say, a giant leopard with spikes coming out of its sides is not the most cute or cuddly of bosses, but that’s what made it so interesting. You see all these little children, the grade 0s and 1s and some of the 2s, and they are so adorable and happy. Then, the grown-ups, the grade 3s and 4s, of the Great Nature University, are so viscous that you can’t help but jump back a little when you see them (except for Big Belly, who looks like he is the only kind professor at GNU). This extreme contrast doesn’t distract from the overall theme of students and teachers, which means the art is very well done. So congratulations, Great Nature, you have the best artwork is Cardfight!! Vanguard.

Well that is going to wrap it up for this article everybody. Thank you so much for reading. Let me know down in the comments below what your favorite clan art is! Please feel free to message me on Reddit here, and, why not go check out my YouTube channel here. If you like what you see, make sure to click that subscribe button.

Thanks again for reading, everybody! This is SimplyJeff, signing off.

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