Cardfight!! Vanguard: WOMBO COMBO! My Personal Favorite Vanguard Combos


What is up everybody? SimplyJeff is back after a long break for which I would like to apologize. I resumed school a few months ago and fell out of the meta and didn’t have time to write. However, I am done with the semester, I am caught back up (it doesn’t seem like the meta shifted too hard with the exception of almost every Aqua Force build being godly) and I am here with an article I’ve wanted to write for a long time. As the title suggests, this is a list of some of my favorite combos in Cardfight Vanguard. Before we dive in, I would like to make a few points clear. First of all, these combos are in no particular order. Second, there are a lot of cards in CfV, and I don’t know them all nor do I play every single clan. That being said, I am confident that I am missing some pretty intense combos. Please feel free to tell me about your favorite combos in the comments. Finally thing, these plays are not based on competitive value. Some of them will be competitive, but they are simply combos I love to use and watch. And, away we go!

COMBO 1: Dandelion Musketeer, Mirkka and Cherry Blossom Musketeer, Augusto


Now, as anyone who has read my previous articles can tell you, I absolutely love Musketeers. Vera/Martina Musketeers was my first deck and, after a few modifications, quickly became one of my favorites. One of the combos I abuse the most in Vanguard in general is the Mirkka/Augusto beat-down. Augusto is nothing special, just a 12k Musketeer-specific attacker. The main thwack comes from Mirkka, who is one of the best grade 1s in Neo Nectar. She is a 6k booster that, when you shuffle the deck with her on the field, gets a +3k. The +3k only triggers once, but that’s all you need. Mirkka and Augusto ensure that I am constantly swinging with a 21k rearguard column, sometimes even two columns. The best part is, this combo can be set up early game, allowing for quick kills, which Musketeers desperately need. If a Musketeer deck does not run four Mirkka and four Augusto, the deck is not operating at full capacity, end of story.

COMBO 2: Cool Hank, Extreme Battler, Sazanda, and Final Wrench


So a little backstory to this. A very good friend of mine up at school (she was one of the people who taught me how to play Vanguard) is absolutely in love with Nova Grappler. It’s her main clan, and before witnesses this combo play-out, I couldn’t understand why. I’ve never been a Nova Grappler fan, just not my style, but I would try it specifically for this combo here. Cool Hank is the Nova Grappler Amber-clone, meaning at Generation Break 1, you counterblast one if the unit was boosted, and you do some clan-specific action. Cool Hank restands a unit and gives it +5k. Pretty solid on its own. When combined with Sazanda, who is a 9k that gets +5k when she restands from an effect of one of your cards (which INCLUDES triggers), and Final Wrench, who gives a +4k when a unit in the same column as her restands, you are looking at +14k before triggers with one stand effect. Sazanda, on her own, will be swinging at 23k. Now, the only downside to this is that you need to have GB 1 active all three of these abilities, but in the current meta, that shouldn’t be a huge concern. Sazanda, when combined with Cool Hank, Final Wrench, and one of the Nova strides, can sometimes get +40k. Absolutely disgusting. Absolutely awesome.

COMBO 3: Costume Idol, Alk, and Planet Idol, Pacifica


Okay I’ll admit it, I bought four pages of the Bermuda Triangle promos when I went to White Plains for the summer tournament, and yes I solely did for the artwork. Bermuda Triangle has my second favorite artwork, behind only Neo Nectar, and I love the lore based with the cards. So I decided I wanted to build a BT deck, was looking through my binder, and found Alk and Pacifica. While the Pacifica trio (soon to be quartet) is arguably superior to the Pacifica/Alk combo, I find this one much more interesting. Essentially, if you have two Pacifica, you can break ride consistently a few turns in a row. The way the combo works is: 1) break ride Alk over Pacifica, and use her ability to pull a second Pacifica to the battlefield. 2) activate Pacifica’s soul ability, and bounce a Pacifica to your hand. 3) swing with Alk, who then lets you replace her with a card in your hand. 4) replace her with Pacifica and live to break ride another day, or you know, next turn. Again, I understand this isn’t the most competitive deck, but I had the cards just sitting here and I thought it would be fun.

COMBO 4: Shura Stealth Dragon, Kujukiricongo, Shura Stealth Dragon, Yozakuracongo, and Tempest Stealth Rogue, Fuuki.


I’d like to wrap this article up with a clan that does not get mentioned enough, Nubatama. While hype for them is increasing thanks tremendously to their support in Fighter Collection Winter and the Technical Booster, they already have some pretty exciting and broken combos. My favorite combo is the Final Gambit move using Kujukiri, the break ride, and Yozakura. As part of the breakride, you force an opponent to bind a card from hand and discard a card from hand. Then, you trigger Yozakura’s Limit Break ability (his discard 2 cb 1 cost is what makes this play a Final Gambit style play) gives you +10k, so the vanguard is sitting at 31k on it’s own. The best part, though, is you get to bind two more cards from their hand, assuming they have 4+ cards in hand. So let’s assume they started with 6 cards in hand; you’ve successfully stripped them down to 2 cards in hand. That’s where Fuuki comes in. It can hurt sometimes to send a booster into soul, but at this point, you don’t really need one, especially if Fuuki is behind your vanguard. For one more CB, you can pull 1 more card out of their hand, leaving them only 1 card left to guard (ideally) 3 attacks. Game, set, match.

I hope you all like the combos I decided to highlight. I’m sure there are some I didn’t mention, like the entirety of the Silver Thorn Pale Moon deck, but like I said, these are some of my favorite combos. While the last two aren’t necessarily the most competitive (even though I argue adamantly that Kujukiri/Yazakura is better than that promo legion), all of these combos I’ve either used or have watched and they are awesomely fun.

Leave your favorite combos in the comments below, along with any suggestions for posts and/or videos!

*QUICK AMENDMENT* The final combo is technically incorrect because of an errata on Fuuki that changes his ruling from 3 or fewer cards to 3 or more. Sorry for the misdirection.

Well that’s it for this post. Once again feel free to contact me on reddit here or leave a reply on this thread for suggestions on what I should do next. I’ll try to get my posts out in a timely fashion, but do ask for understanding if I don’t.

SimplyJeff, signing off.

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  1. TimPowerGamer says:

    TimPowerGamer says:

    December 26, 2015 at 5:14 pm

    Fuuki was a misprint. He can only be used if they have 3+ cards, not 3- cards. It’s on the official errata page.

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