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What is up everybody? SimplyJeff is back and I have some exciting news. As of right now, I am all set up to go to Bushiroad World Championship Regional Qualifiers on August 8th in White Plains! I am very excited to go, and I will be blogging about the experience after the fact, with a bunch of pictures from the convention center. In my excitement, I decided it would be fun to post the deck I will be using at Qualifiers, which, in case you forgot to read the title, is a Great Nature deck. I know a lot of people have made these; I had to get some help from Reddit myself. However, I added my own little flair to it, so I think it will still be fun. And, away we go!

Grade 0:17

1 Pencil Koala (SV)

4 Broadcasting Rabbit (HEAL)

3 Cutter Falcon (CRIT)

3 Holder Hedgehog (CRIT)

3 Castanet Donkey (DRAW)

3 Protractor Orangutan (STAND)

Grade 1: 14

3 Taping Cat

3 Coiling Duckbill

4 Single-minded Assistant, Mini Berry (STRIDE FODDER)

4 Contradiction Instructor, Shell Master (PG unflipper)

Grade 2: 11

4 Illusion Scientist, Researcher Fox

4 Crayon Tiger

3 Set Square Penguin

Grade 3: 8

4 Magic Scientist, Tester Fox

4 Famous Doctor, BigBelly

Grade 4: 8

4 Omniscience Dragon, Managarmr

2 Eternity Professor, Phoenicialux

2 Omniscience Dragon, Wisdom Teller Dragon

Omniscience Dragon, Managarmr

All right, we’re going to start with the bosses. Wisdom Teller Dragon forces opponents to make a tough decision; shield the vanguard attack and lose a minimum of 2 cards, or let the attack hit and let me power up a rear-guard and possibly draw a card. If people can spare the shielding, they typically will, allowing me to thin their shields out. That’ll prime the way for Eternity Professor, Phoenicialux who easily has the hardest to spell name on this list. His ability is a staple to the Great Nature play style; power up and kill it, and we’ll be seeing that a lot more throughout the build. A ton of cards in Great Nature give you draw power for killing a unit, so killing off your units is never a big deal. Another reason to love Phoenicialux is because you assign 4k to two units, not just one like with Wisdom Teller. Now onto the big baddie, Managarmr. For a CB and a Persona Flip, assign 4k to two RG, and if their power is 20k+, the opponent cannot call grade 1+ to GC. That, to put it bluntly, is disgusting. The opponent is either getting slapped in the face repeatedly, or he/she is burning through piles of triggers in shielding. Not many can survive a well-timed Managarmr onslaught.

Magic Scientist, Tester Fox

Moving onto the Grade 3, it should be no surprise to see Bigbelly. His on-stride effect is pretty powerful, giving you extra RG power, the possibility of extra draw power, and you don’t need to kill a unit. His GB2 forces you to kill the unit, but only after you draw the card, which means, if you use Stamp Sea Otter, you can still draw the card. Stamp Sea Otter didn’t make it into this deck, but he was a close contender. Anyway, moving onto Tester Fox. I had a hard time picking the legion I wanted to use. Guru Wolf and Tiger are both good cards, but ultimately the Fox duo won out. The reason why is that Fox’s ability can activate the same turn you stride. Also, assuming Researcher fox is retired, here’s what you get: unflip 1 damage, draw a card, return two units from drop to the bottom of your deck, *put either Fox into your hand from deck, and shuffle the deck.* All of this can be yours for the low, low cost of ONE CB which is paid for by Tester’s ability. And all of this can still happen if you Stride that turn, because the Stride unit is returned at the very beginning of the end phase, meaning when your cards retire, your Vanguard is back in legion.

Crayon Tiger

Next, the Grade 2. Legion mate is pretty obvious so I won’t bang on about that. Her ability is in the asterisks above. Set Square Penguin is essentially another Coiling Duckbill, which allows you to select a unit, and when it’s retired, you draw a card.The only difference from Duckbill is that Penguin is a GB1, so it’s a card you may sit on for a bit, which is why there are only 3. The main Grade 2 is Crayon Tiger. Essentially this card is a Cool Hank on steroids. If boosted when attacking (the attack doesn’t have to hit) CB1, stand a RG, give it +4k, draw a card, then kill it. This has the same ruling for Stamp Sea Otter as Bigbelly, which is pretty sweet. Great Nature did not need a restander. This deck would probably still be relatively meta without it. But the fact that Great Nature has Crayon Tiger means it is a very serious contender to be top meta. Plus, look at it. Crayon Tiger is so cute. So much deadly packed into so much adorable.

Coiling Duckbill

Looking to the Grade 1, 4 PG and Stride fodder should be no surprise in a competitive stride deck. I will say having Shell Master is better than Cable Sheep because this deck is pretty CB heavy, and being able unflip damage anywhere you can is very helpful. Next, Taping Cat. For 2 soul blasts, you can draw a card. Nothing else requires soul in this deck, so it’s nice to make use out of all available resources. Taping Cat is a little situational, hence why there are only 3, but when you need it, it’s there to help. Also, Great Nature isn’t nicknamed Cute and Cuddlies just for giggles. Taping Cat is so adorable too. Sorry, lost focus there. I’m a sucker for good artwork and animals. Anyway, Coiling Duckbill is a staple to any Great Nature deck. As mentioned above along with Set Square Penguin, when placed on RC, select a unit, and when it retires, draw a card. Both Penguin and Duckbill are on call, but Duckbill is usable at any time, making it much better than Penguin.

Pencil Koala

Finally, we get to the Grade 0. So, in typical Great Nature builds, at least one’s I’ve seen, you don’t use stand triggers. With the introduction of Protractor Orangutan, however, I couldn’t help but change my triggers around to make room for him. His ability is:

[AUTO](VC) Generation Break 1 (This ability is active if you have one or more face up G units in total on your (VC) or G zone)::[Counter Blast (1)] During your end phase, when this unit is put into the drop zone from (RC), you may pay the cost. If you do, search your deck for up to one card named “Protractor Orangutan”, reveal it to your opponent, put it into your hand, return this card to your deck, and shuffle your deck.

He essentially works the same as Ruler Chameleon (who would probably replace 4 crits if I could find it) but Orangutan allows you to shuffle your original card back into the deck. You never thin out this trigger using his ability, which definitely makes it worth the GB1 wait. Being a stand trigger, he adds a different kind of pressure compared to crits, especially combined with either Crayon Tiger and Managarmr. And last but not least, the starter. Pencil Koala is typically the preferred starter, but I have heard of people using Blackboard Parrot. At GB1, if the attack he is boosting hits, give +4k to another RG, at the end of your turn, draw and retire. Typical Great Nature style, but very effective.

Well that raps up my build and explanation. A lot of people won’t share the deck they plan on competing with to ensure it always remains a surprise. But, I wanted to share this deck mainly because I was just so excited to build it. While Neo Nectar will always be my favorite, Great Nature has always been a close second. I look forward to writing after Qualifiers!

Well that’s it for this post. Once again feel free to contact me on reddit here or leave a reply on this thread for suggestions on what I should do next. I’ll try to get my posts out in a timely fashion, but do ask for understanding if I don’t. SimplyJeff, signing off.

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